Summer is here!

Ekam Yoga and Mindful Runner are offering a weekend Trail Running/Yoga Retreat near Parys from 2-4 December, 2016. Check out details here.

In other news: we’re up and running in Montgomery Park! We’re running classes regularly on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6pm but space is limited to six so you need to book early. Contact me to be added to the What’s App group.

Ekam Yoga and Mindful Runner are planning a Trail Running/Yoga Retreat in Parys for the weekend of 2-4 December. We only have space for 10 so contact me asap to reserve your space. Location, cost and other details will be posted soon.

Now that the weather is warmer and the sun rises earlier there’s no excuse not to get out there on the trails or on your mat! Join us!

A breath of spring!

Ekam Yoga has moved locations again, and we have a What’s App group to keep you up to date. Contact Sarah to be added.

Yoga for Runners is still scheduled for Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6pm, now in Montgomery Park. Classes are R60 for 1 hour.

Check out our Yoga for Runners Teacher yoga training starting on 10 October, and let me know if you’re interested. Space is filling up fast so book now. Cost is reduced and we’ve included running shoes to get you started on the trails.

Winter’s Chill

Evening classes continue at Mindful Runner, but we’re doing a lot more vinyasas to keep us warm!

It’s hard to keep up a yoga practice when it’s cold and dark outside, and also when you do other activities. So Ekam and Mindful Runner have created a Yoga for Runners Yoga Teacher Training to help you find balance. You can get more details here. This 9-week course will teach you a fundamental, safe practice to do on your own, and provide some history and and background to the different yoga disciplines. And you get to run! Contact me for details.


Season’s Turn

A new quarter and the leaves are changing and the weather is sometimes a bit brisk.

If you’re planning on training through the winter join us for Yoga for Runners (or any kind of sport) on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Our one-hour classes are for any level of athlete or yogi! Classes start at 6am and cost only R60. We also offer ashtanga glasses on Saturday mornings at 8am (R100)- please book to reserve your spot!

And if you are a trail runner, Ekam will be giving out a month of yoga classes as a spot prize for every distance (5km, 10km and 20km) at all of the My Road Less Traveled Events. But you have to run to win! Hope to see you soon- on the trail or on the mat!



Happy Holidays from Ekam Yoga

It’s been a long year, but finally the holidays are here. We’re running limited yoga classes at Mindful Runner over the next few weeks, but check in with the website and sign up for a class if you’re in town.

If you’re looking to add yoga to your running, cycling, or other training routine, come and try a few classes in the new year. We offer two classes weekly focusing on increasing mobility in hard to reach areas and encouraging relaxation in stiff muscles and joints. Classes are Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6pm and cost R50/one-hour class.

We’re also continuing with our Saturday morning Ashtanga Vinyasa class at 8am. This 90-minute class focuses on linking breath with movement and increasing endurance. You also might sweat a little. Class costs R100.

Join us in the new year!

October News

After a bit of a slow start, we’re up and running with Saturday morning ashtanga primary series classes at 8am at Mindful Runner in Emmarentia. These classes are only R100 for 90 minutes, and are for any level of practitioner, but it helps if you have a bit of familiarity with yoga. If you’re looking for a challenge to start your weekend, join us! Please book first as space is limited.

The Yoga for Runners classes are well established and all the Mindful Runners are starting to see the positive benefits to their running. The weekday evening classes focus on mobilizing stiff joints, and increasing flexibility and balance. If you’re a yoga beginner, evening classes are where to start.

Current Yoga Class Schedule at Mindful Runner

  • Yoga for Runners: Mondays and Wednesdays, 6pm, R50 (60min).
  • Ashtanga Primary Series: Saturdays, 8am, R100 (90min).


Summer has definitely arrived, and ahead of schedule.

I’m happy to announce that Ekam will start offering an 8am Saturday morning ashtanga vinyasa primary series led classes at Mindful Runner throughout the summer months. Classes are R100 for 90 minutes, bring a mat and towel, and prepare to be challenged. As space is limited to 6-ish, you will need to book ahead at For you runners out there who are interested, this class can be considered a “workout”, and it’s best if you don’t do anything else “intensive” with your Saturday. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, and I guarantee you’ll feel fantastic afterwards.

Winter to Spring

Winter hibernation is over and spring is on the way.

If you’re looking for something new, or want to complement your spring training, drop in for a Yoga for Runners class at Mindful Runner in Emmarentia. Classes are Mondays and Wednesdays at 6pm and space is limited so please book via

Over the past few months I’ve been working with runners and cyclists to find a solid one-hour class that works on those tight spots in the body that sometimes restrict balance and movement when running. The feedback is positive and runners (and cyclists) are finding it very beneficial. These classes are suitable for beginners to yoga, so don’t be afraid to try something new in your training and see how it benefits you.

And if you’re looking for ashtanga vinyasa private classes, I also have some time slots available for serious students.


It’s March!

The year is certainly moving along at a good clip! I hope all of you have found your stride and settled into your practice again after the holidays.

Yoga for Runners classes are definitely starting to find their stride. These one-hour classes are a way to deepen your awareness of tight spots, and open areas that need release. In addition, we work to connect the mind and body, making you more efficient and effective at your chosen sport. Classes are Mondays and Wednesdays at 6pm. Space is limited so please book on-line at Mindful Runner.

The seasons are changing again, dress warmly and eat well, stay with your practice as it will steady you and keep you grounded through the winds of change.

Moon days this month: 5 and 19 March, both Thursdays.

February News

By now you’ve figured out what New Year’s Resolutions are a good fit with your body and mind, and which ones need to get dumped! The last 6 weeks for me have been a shocker- yoga and running really are a perfect match! And the results I’m seeing from my continued investment are hinting that I might make that goal of a sub-30 minute 5km trail run sooner than I thought. So now I can start thinking: what’s next?

For all of you who have discovered (or already knew) that running and yoga make the perfect match, join us on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6pm at Mindful Runner. The monthly rate is R350, or you can take one class at a time for R50. These one-hour classes are accessible to anyone and you don’t have to be flexible to receive benefit. Just bring a mat (we have a few if you don’t have one yet), a towel, and an open mind!

Also, I’ve had several queries lately on yoga teacher training with Ekam Yoga and sadly, I won’t be offering a YTT this year, but I am planning one for early in 2016. Please do contact me if you’re interested.